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Why I've given up on Wii

It honestly makes me sad to say, but I feel I have officially given up on Wii. But I am no where near giving up on the DS or Nintendo, not by far.

I've always loved Nintendo, even though I never actually owned a NES or a SNES as a kid (because my parents choose to buy me a Master System then a Mega Drive on Christmas) But a few neighbours and friends had them when I was growing up. One Christmas my brother got an N64, I got a Dreamcast.

I ragged the shit out of that N64 playing Maio64, Golden eye, perfect Dark, Super Smash Bros, OoT, Majoras mask.....Basically I loved it, as for the dreamcast...Uhh, not so much..i owned it for about 2 months. Then we got a gamecube each and I loved that even more. I spent so much money on that thing and still think it was the best console of its generation.

When I first bought the Wii, my imagination was going crazy thinking about the kind of games Nintendo would release on this holy beast, the possibilities seemed endless. I knew the console itself was much less powerful than either of its competitors. But my faith in Nintendo was strong.

But what I felt we got was far far less than what I expected. The whole “I'm sick of seeing Mario in the same fucking games for the last 20years” thing doesn't even come into it, and I know Nintendo are making a shit load of cash from its newest console.

I guess one of the reasons I feel I'm giving up on the Wii is the lack of the top games from years past...if that makes sense...I mean, will we be seeing Resident evil 5 on Wii? Soul calibur 4? MGS4? I'm talking about the top tier games. These are games that we all know and love.... We KNOW they are going to be awesome, before they are even released.

The gamecube had awesome games including Res4, MGS, Soul Calibur 2 and many others. I realise the Wii has resident evil 4, but see my next point about that. Instead the Wii gets games like soul calibur legends and other half assed, toned down versions of games and PS2 ports with Wii controls slapped on.

But when it comes down to it, the main reason the Wii just doesn't set in stone with me as an awesome console, are the controls. Yeah they are fun, new, fresh, innovative But its just not the same. Not the same as holding a controller in your hand, where your thumbs can freely move to any button quickly. Also, precision is a major issue for me the on the Wii,...Can you honestly tell me the wii remote is just as precise as say, an xbox or playstation controller?

The fate of my Wii remains unknown, even to me. I could sell it, but its an import...may be hard to sell. Or maybe I might hold on to it for a few more months and see how it goes...

I'm not biased in any way. I play the shit out of my 360 and DS. And like I said earlier, I have no where near given up on the DS or Nintendo, not by far.
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