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MadWorld: Stylish new Wii game from the developer formerly known as SEEDS (also, Clover...)

[UPDATE: It's down, everywhere, except Rapidshare. Here's the link- http://rapidshare.com/files/114602729/um_1095048-381759-madworld-1210675354.flv.htmlI assure you it is worth the short download!]

So, this generation I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by 'bald space marines' and 'brown' as I'm sure everybody else is, it's why I have a Wii. Sensless violence sort of looses its lustre after a while, but you may very well need it every now and then, right? Well where No More Heroes stepped in last year on the Wii, and Madworld looks to up the ante in many ways. The game has a unique style, high gore, and a seemingly riteous sense of humour.

Right now it looks a bit dirivitive - to be honest. But this is only a terrible trailer (all gameplay obviously) Considering the studio I think we should expect big things. Oh yes, you have a chainsaw for a hand.

This was apparently leaked from a SEGA even held last Wednesday. Embargoes seem to have become as important as the Canadian military budget.

Anyways, enjoy.

[UPDATE: This game will be revealed, as well as 2 others from the studio (DS,ps3/360) on Thursday when embargo lifts, expect quality trailer then
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