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So yeah, what the hell happened to Crisis Core?

See topic.

I just "completed" it today, and well...you can say that I have no reason to ever play it again. Don't get me wrong, it was good for what it was, but it had a lot more potential. Story was ok, the whole "missions" setup was a mess, and the fact where most of the game is unbalanced beyond belief(good luck completing those missions where almost every enemy knows Death in some way or form), I just feel a bit disappointed.

A lot of people were calling Crisis Core the epitome of portable RPGs. The game's only saving grace was it's battle system and it's somewhat decent "backstory". Sure the nostalgia was great, but it just didn't feel..natural. I mean granted it's a prologue and there wasn't much they can do, but once you think about it, having a playable prologue to a bigger game seems like something that you'd write on paper and it sounded like a really great idea at the time, but you just know it's going to execute horribly. I personally blame the checkerboard style placed battles for that.

Great job of tossing a bone to the FFVII fanboys, Square. That was 20 hours I could've spent playing a better game.
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