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PS3 Assistance Needed: Now Funded by Our Tax Dollars


My bank account got a lovely surprise last Friday, in the form of an ill-conceived economic stimulus deposit (I'll save the rant on why it won't work and just smile for the "government error in my favor... sort of"). I've been wanting to get a PS3 for a while now, mostly because my lovely 60" Sony XBR doesn't have the Blu Rays yet, and also because I have a gigantic hard on for MGS.

I've been following Sony's ups and downs with the system, but really don't know which model is going to fit me best. I know that I can upgrade the hard drive to any size I want, and that certain models (the newer ones, right?) don't have PS2 backwards compatibility. I would prefer to get a bundle with the new dual shock included, and getting a free game with my purchase would also make me happy.

I would like to have PS2 backwards compatibility, but it isn't a deal breaker, as I'm moreso going for the best value. Please, my PS3-minded dtoiders, let me know what's important about the different offerings, and also, if anyone knows of a site where I can order the system without having to pay tax (eg. online only store), that would be helpful too. Please also chime in with game recommendations, as all I'm eyeing so far is Warhawk and Uncharted.

On the random update front, my work has been busy as hell (I'm a banker) and gaming time has been cut significantly. I'm middling through Condemned 2 (loving it more and more as I get further into the game... I'm in the Black Lake Lodge currently) and GTA IV (concurrent opinion with everyone else and their stepmoms: I love it). I miss all of your witty quips and NSFW links, too.
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