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5 reasons why I miss Halo 2

Yes. i play Halo alot. Without trying to stir things up, these are my reasons that most times i play Halo 3 it just makes me miss its predecessor like that one girlfriend who was totally slutty and would do anything in the sack. Now...TO THE LIST!!

5 - Physics engine.
Ahhh, sweet old super jump how I miss thee... Yeah, I know ALOT of people hate super jumping but that’s why this list is called “5 reasons why I miss Halo 2”. Also remember how awesome the melee lunge was in Halo 2? I swear, it took me months to stop trying to melee from so far away when I bought Halo 3.

4 – Clans.
When the clan system was introduced into Halo 2 it was pretty cool. But you know what, in hindsight that feature was so awesome and we took it for granted…and now it’s gone.

For those of you who played halo 2 pretty hardcore you will remember how intense clan matches could be, and the abuse that was exchanged in the pre/post game lobby was hilarious (If you won).

I guess I just loved that competitive element, which was way more competitive than any Ranked matches I play on both Halo 2 and 3.

3 - Halo 3’s weapons.
I have to admit I am not a fan of most of halo 3’s weapons…I miss the good ol’ days of dual wielding a Plasma rifle and SMG or whatever dual wield gun you could get ahold of….GOOD. BALANCED. FUN.

The magnum in Halo 3 is more or less a Nerf gun.

2 – MAPS
God I miss lockout...Yesss blackout is fine, but it doesn’t feel the same, I miss the snow. Miss you too Midship…you too Relic….Acension….Ivory tower….*sad pirate noise*…Arrrrrrr

Zombie on Foundation……Ohhh such happy times!

1 - Glitching/Exploration
Remember the butterfly jump?? Sword cancelling? Getting outside maps? I had such an awesome time with friends and randoms trying to find ways outside the maps, I guess the difference with halo 2 and halo 3 is that halo 2 had all the little tricks I mentioned above….So it was up to you to use those tricks in the right place at the right time to get through that invisible wall or barrier.

Halo 3’s equivalent to all that is just forge.


For what its worth I still love Halo 3…maybe one day I will look back too on Halo 3 with fond memories as I have with Halo 2. But for now, I goddamn miss Halo 2!

Thoughts. Got any?
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