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The greatest PSP peripheral ever created


As most people know, the PSP is a versatile handheld capable of doing many different things. Gaming, listening to music, watching movies, etc. There're just so many uses for it!

However, there's one thing that's always really frustrated me about it. I've never found a way to easily use it while I'm driving.


That's right, the amazing folks over at gogamestuff.com have finally solved my PSP-while-driving related woes, and have come out with the single best peripheral in the history of video gaming.


No longer do I have to cry during my entire morning commute because I can't watch movies, I can now attach this handy dandy car holder STRAIGHT TO MY WINDSHIELD so that I can get my entertainment fill while I'm driving. Think you have a boring commute? NOT ANYMORE!!!!

"“if you're a psp fan, what will you do when meeting traffic jam?angry?depressed? or just sit there? now, you can get better choice: watch moves to relax yourself via your psp with it tied to psp car holder gripping on your car windshield”" (I know English probably isn't their first language, but if you're going to put out a press release in English, you should make sure you know how to spell and use proper grammar.)

Unfortunately there are no pictures yet as it's not being released until Monday, but the description pretty much sums up what it is:

"Gogamestuff has added many PSP holders & docks to its products center recently, but this holder is specially for car owners,“Firmly stick on the windshield and could remove easily, with Quick release button for psp car holder extending its arm automatically, the flexible arm can be adjusted to any angle for easy viewing”, from its specification."

It comes with Quick release button for PSP car holder extending its arm automatically! It's everything I've ever dreamed of AND MORE!!!

Seriously, who the fuck thought this was a good idea AT ALL? The press release claims it's for use when you're "having to stop for a while" (BECAUSE HOLDING IT IS SO FUCKING HARD), but later on they say it's great for traffic jams. I'm pretty sure a giant flexible arm holding a PSP in your windshield is going to be pretty noticeable to the police after you've slammed your car into a van carrying a family of 6 because you got distracted while watching your pirated copy of Iron Man. Or does Hong Kong have special laws that allow you to view all of the $1 bootleg DVDs you can buy there in your car in order to keep the economy going?

[Via the press release]
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