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Hating Blizzard: Take two.

Relating to this topic, I noticed a lot of people talk about how their copyright law was a good idea because it "ruins the game". Well, I thought of some other things that ruin World of Warcraft for me, and I think if they decide, comrads, that cheating is an offense worthy of a $750 fine, here's some other things they should consider that annoy people, and ruin gameplay. Because keeping you in line is the job of the government!

Barrens Chat (or any chat) should only be used for discussing the game. Anyone using the global chat to discuss who's penis is bigger or what celebrity sucks or making fun of someone in those chats should be fined. It's really annoying to play a game and have people arguing over why Linux beats Windows. It's unrelated to the game and ruins the RPG atmosphere of the game.

The Horde should be required to play like the Horde would really play. No sitting in town, breaking offense number one (talking in chat all day, lazy level 70s). The Horde is a cruel race, so if you're not destroying the Alliance, then you're not playing the game correctly.

Priest that never heal while in a group is probably the most annoying thing in the game. I hate seeing the group priest looting the items my warrior and team are killing instead of healing me when I need it. It ruins the gameplay for me when I have to run back to an instance and then hope nothing spawned.

Quitting early during a raid/quest is the absolute worst. There's nothing worst than seeing someone in your group say "lawl mom said i g2g eats. sorry guy" and then as he/she leaves, the group disappears and you can't finish whatever you're doing. That ruins the gameplay for me 99% of the time.

You guys get the hint. And you brown nosers to corporate powers, enjoy becoming enraged. Changing laws to benefit a companies agenda is always bad news.

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