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Always the last to recap: photos of Chad's party last Friday


The above video is, sadly, the only one I got of the night. However, it is hilarious, to me at least, so it's all right. The sucky parts about it were that it was too dark for video, and given the location of the camera, you can hear more of the peanut gallery than the actual performers. But then, the best parts of the video comes up because you can hear the people on the couch talking.

Near the beginning, you can hear Chad totally crap all over the other Destructoid city groups, because Destructoid Los Angeles is the best. But then, he says something else later. Wait for the chorus, when Aerox and I start singing together, arms around one another, me nestled in his bosom, with our faces only inches from each other.

Did Chad Concelmo just call us GAY!? Yes, yes he did. I think the best part about all of this is that I didn't hear it when he actually said it, and now, a week later, I'm finally watching the video and I hear that.

Anyway, you have probably heard plenty about the party either from Stickam, or from Aerox's post, or from teknomcr's posts, so I will get right into the pictures and commentary. I'm trying to keep these chronological, with the exception of the video, because my camera numbers those separately.

BONUS: the Sunday after the party, a few of us got together in Hollywood to see Iron Man at the Arclight Theater. They had the actual suit worn by Robert Downey Jr. in the film set up in their lobby, so I decided to get a photo of it. I didn't take any other pictures in the theater because I was afraid the staff would think I was trying to bootleg the movie.

So that's about all I have. Now that I'm looking back at the pictures, I'm sad I didn't get any of Tristero. That guy is really as slippery and elusive as he seems! I didn't get a picture of him entering because I ran over to give him a hug when he got there, instead of taking a photo. Was he even there, or was he just a figment of my imagination?

Hope you guys like the pictures, despite the poor photography. Destructoid Los Angeles rocks, and I'm looking forward to our next get-together. Ark's place? Mine? Disneyland? Who knows?
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