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Blizzard Digital Download Story: Part 1

Blizzard recently has slapped up 3 of their classic titles for digital download via their online store: The Starcraft Legacy (Starcraft + Brood War expansion), Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (WC 3 expansion). While I've originally played these games years ago, I have long since misplaced the CD keys and like the idea of having a digital version on my hard drive to play during an upcoming plane flight.

It should be noted that owners of these games with their CD key can input their key on the website and receive a full version for download to replace lost or broken discs (or the hassle of having to put the disc in each time).

After trying to place an order for the digital download versions through the official Blizzard Store, I received error messages despite my credit card and contact info being correct. Frustrated, I called their Billing Support and was told to call my credit card company to see if they were blocking any charges as the Blizzard online store sometimes gets mistaken for online gambling sites (?!).

After work, I came home and called the card company and was told my account is fine and no charges have been blocked. Half an hour of scratchy Diablo soundtrack music later, I get to talk to a rep at Blizzard who tries to take care of the process himself. After being put on hold for 5 more minutes, I am informed that it is not working and to try again in a few times. He admitted the Blizzard Store was recently revamped and has been running into a lot of problems (too many people trying to buy the digital download of Starcraft since it is tough to find in stores?).

The lesson? If you're going to order from Blizzard's online store, do it from over the phone.

I admit the customer service was nice, except for the hold times. Their phone menu system is rather confusing, but I did get to geek out with the Blizzard rep about various classic Blizzard titles.

I will try again this coming Sunday and am hoping for the best. Stay tuned for more bloggage.
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