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The Last Stand 2 (PC): Review

Word association is a funny thing-the results might be predictable, but every once in a while something jumps out of the blue. Pizza: pepperoni. X-Men: Wolverine. Casual games: zombies? The Last Stand 2, a free Flash game, manages to be an odd blend of Resident Evil, Root Beer Tapper, and Rampart while adding depth to the original game's premise.

Taking place on an island, players have to round up and arm survivors against constant zombie attacks at night. Inbetween the action sequences, players have to choose whether to repair their defenses, go exploring for villagers, weapons or supplies, or venture forth to a variety of villages on the island map to reach the port before time runs out.

Aside from bland visuals, the game remains an addictive flesh-eating romp. I give The Last Stand a B.

The Last Stand 2
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