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DTOID FapFiction written by Vlambo in IRC. Part 1. NSFW

For your pleasure.

Yashoki looked Necros in the eyes. Yashoki knew this was it. He slowly began to unbuckle the button on his trousers and pulled them down past his quivering thighs. He stared lovingly into Necros's eyes and was drawn into them. When their lips met, a sense of rebellion went through Yashoki as he thought "Will I ever retire to my island of small boys?".

Moaning grotesquely loud, Yashoki began to pull down Necros's hippy shorts revealing a piece of erect steel. "I'm gonna work on this piece of steel" said Yashoki and began to schlobnob Necros's manhood. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. "Who could that be?" Yashoki mumbled with Necros's throbbing cock in his mouth. Bursting through the door with a thunderous explosion was a naked Calvin. "SURPRIZE BUTTSECKS!!!" he yelled. Stunned, Necros looking towards Calvins lower half asked, "Is that a purple third leg?"

Gasping for air, Yashoki dislodged the wang from his mouth. "But Calvin" he asked, "How will that fit?". "BRACE FOR TEH EPIC" Yelled Calvin, and jolted Yashoki in the the backside. A scream of pain, terror and pleasure was jolted from Yashoki's lungs.

With every thrust, Yashoki moaned louder and louder. "YOU LOVE TEH BAWS DON'T YOU YASH" yelled Calvin as he smacked Yashoki across the back. Necros, feeling left out, took off his shirt revealing nothing but hair, skin and bones. Getting on his knees he began to lick Calvins sack as he thrusted into Yash's chocolate factory.

To be continued...

Note: Vlambo is making me say that he wrote it for the lulz and is not gay, but is willing to experiment.
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