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Lego Batman : New Characters (Scarecrow and Two-Face)


The amazing world of Youtube brings us new video from the upcoming Lego Batman game. Two new characters are introduced, Scarecrow and Two-Face. This video just makes me even more freaking excited for this game than I already have been.

Here's a little insight into these two new characters:

Real Name: Harvey Dent
Hideously scarred by acid thrown in his face by a criminal he was prosecuting, Gotham City District Attorney Harvey Dent became Two-Face, a sociopath whose every action is dictated by his obsession with the number two and a two-headed silver dollar, scarred on one side to represent his own evil and disfigurement. Despite their repeated clashes, Batman has never ceased in his efforts to rehabilitate his former friend.

Real Name: Prof. Jonathan Crane
An insane scientist and psychiatrist, specializes in the nature of fear. Dressed symbolically as a scarecrow, he employs special weapons, equipment and techniques designed to use fear to his advantage in his crimes.

Take a look at the two new baddies you'll be playing as.

I officially cannot wait to play as Scarecrow. There's just something about hitting people in the head with a hat that continues to make my day a happy one.

Check out the gallery for some new images of the game thanks to the internets, the wonderful place it is.
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