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My gripe with P3:FES

Many months ago when I saw/read about the Japanese getting a Persona 3 "expansion" game, I was green with envy. As great as Persona 3's ending was, it had one of those typical "Vague" Japanese endings where you have no clue what could have happened. So when I heard that Atlus was going to bring FES to the States I almost did a dance for joy at work.

What I didn't see coming was how boring this extra chapter was going to be so far. I will try not to spoil it for anyone but they should have called the game "P3: Tartarus edition" because you spend the majority of the time in "dungeons" fighting your way to the next level and so forth.

Yeah I would do the same if I had to go through Tartarus some more

Tartarus was my least favorite part of P3 but it had plenty of things to divert your attention from it: The relationship mini game, Persona fusing, quests, and going to school. But after you beat "The Journey" in FES and play "The Answer" all that goes away and you are pretty much stuck just dungeon crawling.

Granted when you finally do get to story tidbits it is very rewarding. Luckily the game doesn't fail in that department. Still I was hoping to go into this game with the same kind of Persona 3 feel and instead most of the draws of P3 get taken away and I'm left with just *sigh* Tartarus...

As negative as this post has seemed to be I would still recommend FES for closure on the first game and I would especially recommend it if you have never played Persona 3 before.
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