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GTA 4 SE: Review (yes, more GTA post)


It finally arrived to my place on Thursday

Being the obsessive special edition whore that I am, I had to do a review on the Grand Theft Auto 4 Special Edition that Rockstar was awesome enough to put together.

I waited 2 days for a license plate...I know, I have issues

That's a lot of stuff

The special edition came with the following:

*a CD of select songs from the soundtrack of the game (which is awesome)
*two keys for your safety deposit box
*Rockstar keychain
*a full size license plate (if pre-ordered through Amazon.com)

*a copy of the game (of course)
*A very detailed concept art book for Grand Theft Auto
*this awesome safety deposit box that can be broken into with a fingernail

*this sweet ass duffel bag

Overall I think Rockstar did a excellent job with everything that came with the special edition, besides the cheap ass lock on the safety deposit box. The CD is awesome and the first track, (Soviet Connection:The theme of Grand theft Auto 4) is good stuff. I'm happy with my purchase and hope in the future that all other companies step their game up when it comes to making special editions for their games. The days of only doing metal cases and bonus DVDs are over.

keep an eye out for my GTA 4 video review, coming soon :)
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