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Now Destructoid, you know I love you all, but I'm here today to talk to a special group of boys and girls. Do you live in Texas, or in one of the surrounding states? Then boy do I have an opportunity for you. The DToid Austin Group is specifically meant for us Southerners who want to get together and get our drink and game on! All of the latest updates on get togethers, events, and the rare industry happening will be discussed here. So how do you get in on this sweet action? Add this profile to your friends list, and PM me and/or comment on this blog and I'll add YOU to our friends list, exclusive to only Southerners and the other DToid groups.

"Hey, wait a minute!" you say. "I live nowhere near TX but I want to hang out with my local Destrcutoid pals." Well then, I've got good news for you. There are other groups that you can join! (Althought they might not be as rad as ours) Be on the look out for DToidCincinnati, DToidFlorida, LosAngeles, DToidNewYork, DToidSanFrancisco, DToidUK, and DToidVancouver as per your location.

I would also like to take a moment to remind everyone about our biggest upcoming event, the summer NARP. We're still not too sure on the details, so go to the forums thread to voice your opinion on when it should be, or just keep looking for updates from us!
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About DtoidAustinone of us since 4:25 PM on 04.24.2008

Welcome to the Destructoid Austin group. This blog is meant for all Dtoiders that are in or near the Texas. The purpose here is to set up community events such as NARPs and any type of get together like conventions, cons, industry events, etc. This is done for and by the community because sometimes, just talking to each other on the Internets isn't enough.

If you want to be added to the friend's list or want to set up some kind of party/event, then please just PM me.