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Halo-Based Cartoon on TV in GTA IV Safehouse?

So after failing a mission for the fifth time, I decided to blow off some steam in the safe house by watching some tube. I flip through the channels and find an episode of a cartoon. I didn't stick around long enough to catch the title of it, but it was a Halo-spoof cartoon featuring a pack of space rebels (I think) with VERY southern - and I mean like 'Tucky, not Canterbury - accents.

Basically, these guys are rolling around in Master Chief armor, destroying any and every planet they come across in the galaxy with missiles from their jacked up space ship, resulting in a Death Star induced explosion to the planet. I guess the joke is that these planets house "insurgents" or whatever. Go watch the tube for a while to catch this, very funny shit.

The best line is when they hunt down aliens looking like the grunts in Halo, they say "And don't forget to shoot the children!".
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