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Obligatory: My Stuff Blog, Lots 'O' Pics!

Still in the middle of unpacking from the move from renter to owner but that doesn't mean I can't take pictures! I live with my girlfriend now so she has contributed to my collection of stuff as well and we've been together for coming up 5 years.

Living Room:
Dreamcast, Xbox, Wii, PS2, PS3, HD dvd player, 7.1 reciever, Polk speakers, Velodyne 12" sub and a 46" Samsung LCD.
Still in the midst of hiding wires or covering them and I have to bring over my SNES and NES stuff from my moms.

Computer Room AKA "The Man Room"
We keep most of our games in this room as well as movies. As you can see I dabble with figurines but not as much as some people here do.

Close up of the toys

I ripped apart of few of my toys when I was like 10 and put em together to make these dudes. I believe I used Venom an Alien from Independence day then we have Spawn, Spider man, Terminator and Venom.

Movies and games
Stuffed animals are my girl friends Christmas presents. Chocobo and choco scarf, Yuna and a she dog and sheep from Harvest Moon for preordering one of the thousands of Harvest Moon titles. The large trophy is for stereo competitions I hit up in the summer.

This thing is chalk full, on all four sides, of PS2 games.

Destructoid shirts and RC car

Sorry if I turned anyone on as I hate to be a tease...lol
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