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GTA IV Owns My Face!!!

Three hours into it, and an extreme gulp from 7-Eleven safely pissed out to prevent "accidental irrigation", I am officially in love. For months, my man-love for this game has grown, and now I am able to enjoy the bliss of it all.

No review is necessary, but I'll say INFINITY+2 out of 10 so far!!!

Gotta get used to the physics of it, though. My driving so far is less than stellar. However, I am sold on the weapons. Even the pistol packs a punch that makes me feel like I'm in a movie, so bad ass.

I did the quick tutorial for the multiplayer. Gonna be so fun, especially when you unlock shit to edit your character.

I can't stop listening to Classic hip hop, maybe my urge to hold on to my memories from San Andreas?

People die so pretty.

I got laid!

The best thing I did so far was when I was chasing 3 guys to kill, I mercilessly ran over two of them, did a 90 degree stop and stepped out to shoot the guy with the pistol, John Woo-style, bitches!

I got the Special Edition one for the 360, with that case and duffel bullshit. I'm gonna keep everything but the game and keychain in the original box for now, resting beautifully on one of my shelves for display. When I do find a reason to do something with what I paid an extra 40 for, I'll pass along the advice.

Till then, time to bring the hell of Eastern Europe to the streets of Liberty!
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