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Fighters and there cheap boss fights.

Oh yes, everyone who has played fighters know exactly what I am talking about. Those end bosses that make so fustrated that you want to cry. For the life of me I can't figure out way developers do this, it's so annoying. I love fighters but those end bosses get me, I have seen this in 2-d fighters more then 3-D.

The boss that prompted me to write this blog was Jinpachi from Tekken 5. Wow, never has a boss made me get so fustrated before. I played through first with Ling Xiaoyu and when I get to him, it took me a good hour just to beat the guy, a freaking hour! Some of the moves they gave this guy are insane, a fireball seriosuly when did Tekken ever have a fighter that could launch a fireball that takes away half your life. He used that move over and over, and with Ling Xiaoyu I could doge it with one of her moves, with the other fighters not so much. As a completetionist I want to unlock everyone's profile and get all the extra characters but with a end boss that hard, it makes me cringe.

Now I have seen this cheap boss syndrome more with 2-d fighters *cough* SNK and Capcom *cough*. I can name a few, Rugal from KOF 2002 and from CvS 2, Bison from SFA 3 and I-no from GG X2. These bosses are even harder, in my opinoin since you can only go back or foward but you can't even do that in GG X2 since I-no's boss powers fills up the entire screen, undodgeable and takes most of your guard gague away, so if she does it again your basically screwed. Rugal in 02 was a beast, countering every attack you did and the only way I beat hin was with a team, trying to take him on by yourself is sucide.

Now SNK has transferred this over to their 3-d version of KOF, King Of Fighters Maxium Impact. Many people don't like this version but I do and let me tell you that the last fight in the first game is brutal. At the end you fight Duke, just like Jinpachi it took me a good hour to beat him. SNK really overpowered this guy alot, his power gauge never goes down and he uses the same super moves all the time. When you get close to him, he uses this one move that takes away half of you life and depletes your guard gauge to nothing. Sometimes he'll use another one right after that and then your dead. Now thankfully in KOF MI2, KOF 06 in America, they toned down the last boss by a mile, which is a great thing.

I would really love to know why developers love to but in these tough as hell end fights. To me it is somewhat of a turnoff for a game but I still play anyway just to unlock everything I can. I hope that when Tekken 6 come out, who ever the end fight is against isn't so freaking impossible to beat. I also heard that Mildred from Arcane Hearts has this same syndrome, when will the madness end!
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