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So let me bounce a feature idea off of you guys ...

I was thinking about doing a feature where we'd more or less "review" videogame instruction manuals based on their content, design, art, etc. I came up with this idea when I opened up my copy of Battle of the Bands last week and it was four sheets of black and white paper with little to no instructions on how to actually play the game.

As far as I'm concerned, that's complete bullshit, and companies need to get called out for putting zero effort into their manuals. Nintendo almost consistently has some killer booklets that are both thick and colorful; this has been the case since the NES (picture the brick I shit when I opened up my copy of Legend of Zelda for the first time as a kid). The latest Grand Theft Auto IV is a good example of how to do it right -- it comes with a map, a nice manual, and other stuff that is essentially useless, but at least makes you feel like you're purchased a substantial product that a company cares about.

Does this idea appeal to anyone else?
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