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Gamefly Gadfly #4: The Cancellation

The concept of Gamefly has so much promise-- it's the Netflix of videogames. With videogame rental prices at around $6 a pop, one thinks such a service would be useful. Too bad that Gamefly has failed to meet my expectations for one reason: they are way too slow.

Part of it might be a lack of distribution centers, but I am attributing it more to inventory. My Queue had over ten titles, consisting of mostly older games that had high availablity. It took over a week and a half to receive one of those titles, which is unacceptable. I cancelled my account with them with less than a month of service, which is rather lousy.

I am off to see Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantamano Bay, but just wanted to vent here briefly. Anyone else frustrated or delighted with Gamefly's service?
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