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Anyone need a MGO beta Key? (winrar!)

I got a spare kicking around.

Just off the phone with Konami help and the guy game me a proper 12 digit code as I had a bad 9 digit one. Then about 3 minutes ago I finally got a reply to the e-mail I sent with another code attached.

If you are interested be the first person to guess my favorite number, between 0-100 and you shall be rewarded. I don't care how many times you guess but it is one guess per post and you can NOT start from 1 and keep posting subsequent numbers.

That is all

BlackSheep got it!

3 is my favorite number, donkey kong is my 2nd Sadistic!

Post up your e-mail with some spacing in it so you don't get bot raped and I will send you the key!

*fire works, explosions and naked chicks*
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