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Its a wonderfull world, First impressions.

So, it really is a "Wonderful World" isn't it? No, I'm not talking about the Earth, I'm talking about the recent DS RPG to hit the American shores. "The World Ends with you" (the American title) is a freshing DS game to hit on April 22. Your basic RPG creator Square is back to suck you in or will it spit you out? Read on to find out.

First let me say this game is totally wild, its not your basic RPG from Square Enix it feels like they finally put some hard thought into using the true unique abilities with your DS(unlike a lot of basic rehashes I've seen pop up). Its a very refreshing story, something you expect from Square and the graphics/cell shading looks GREAT on the DS. When it comes down to RPG most of the time your wondering, is the story going to be the real draw of this game, or will the combat for once step up?

The bottom screen uses your touch pad while doing moves based on what "pins" you have equipped. Some will have you draw lines in open spaces, others will have you slash at emeries or even cars and items in the level. The basic premise of the combat is to alternate between the screen having a green blob/puck move between your characters adding up bonus damage. The top screen is used by using the face or d pad buttons. You have certain combos for the top screen character and the point is to finish your combo to guess a "card" There's 3 cards you need to guess and once you guess all 3 you open up your "fusion" AKA summon.

There's so much in the game, I feel like I haven't even touched the tip of the scale for this game, but I gotta say after playing for about 6-7 hours already this game still feels fresh and the combat is hectic enough to keep you definitely in the game. If your DS isn't getting enough play recently you NEED to pick this game up, between the story (which I didn't talk about because its so weird I didn't want to ruin any of the WOW factor) art style, and combat this is a Triple A DS title.
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