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Army of Two Has The Best Level In Any Game Ever

So I recently played through Army of Two with Cutie Honey, all in all it was a fun experience. For the most part, you're basically trying to flank badguys and shoot them in the ass. There is part of the game that really stuck out. It's at the end of level 4 and you're on a sinking ship. But this is no ordinary ship, it's an aircraft carrier and it's exploding. So no only is this ship sinking, but it's blowing up and sending debris fly everywhere. Debris that will knock you the fuck out. It's chaotic and awesome! Check the video.

Obviously this guy is a bitch and ran the easy way. But for a truly awesome time, run straight up the middle and don't even shoot anyone. Just let the explosions do their job. Those boxes will take out the enemies and then you get to watch them go cartwheeling through the air. FUCK YEAH!
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