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Happy Day & Random Updates (NVGR - Well, kinda..)


*Warning: This blog is pretty graphic heavy*

Ok, so some of this is pretty old and I just haven't updated random stuff for a while, so bare with me.

First off I have to thank a couple of people who have sent me stuff here recently!

#1: Chad Concelmo :D
After winning his amazing Great Retro Quiz on dolphins, I received this amazing hand painted shot glass straight from Cancun. I totally <3 it and it sits on my computer desk. :) When I went out to check the mail the day I got this it totally made my day, and I even got a <3! So thanks again, Chad. It's AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!

#2: NihonTiger
Because Nihon is awesome and realizes that I need things to help me concentrate, he has sent me 6 humongous bags of Doritos to help me with my Tomopop articles! :D I'm glad to say it's helped and that I've been nomming on them quite frequently. He also sent me a Rinoa (From FFVIII) trading figure and a Moogle keychain from Chocobo Tales. Sooooo cute and awesome. They both sit in front of monitor as well. <3 I love them soo much!

#3: Mid3vol
Thank you sooo much for ordering me the $1 shirt when I was in a bind. I can't wait to hang out at PAX! <3

I think that's all for now, if I forgot you I really really really apologize. My brain's not quite working correctly right now.

I went to a Bon Jovi concert last night that was absolutely awesome. I got quite a few cool pictures and videos, which I won't bore you with. Ok, well maybe one picture.

As the header image says, I picked up my copy of Persona 3 FES today :D So I can't wait to get to play it.

I think the last thing I have as an update is that I finally finished a picture I was working on for Wardrox (Go read his blog!) =P It took quite a while since I outlined it, but I think it turned out fairly well. Also, I finished the coloured version of the Podcastle artwork if you didn't see the main header for their post.

I also want to thank everyone who ordered my hats that I put up within the last week. You guys rock! There are still a couple Parappa hats available here and the Adventures of Lolo hats are still available as well here.

Thanks again everyone! Hopefully I'll have something interesting to update here soon! <3
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