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The Sims 3: Things it should have.


Back in 1999, my friend in high school showed me what it would be like to have a life. I'll never forget the day I installed The Sims. I created my character to look like me, the best way it could, and then created our house using a Simolians cheat so I wouldn't actually have to play the game. It was like playing with Barbie dolls, without the convertible cars. After a few months of living the life of my Sim, I uninstalled the game. Why? If you've played the Sims and actually looked at it, you're wasting your real life living this virtual guy's/gal's life. I went on to bigger and better things; like the Sega Dreamcast and the glory of Soul Calibur.

In 2005, I was reintroduced to the game with The Sims 2. How was it? A good improvement. Good graphics, better animations, less hand-holding... but it was still missing something. Was it a new game or just a redux version of what we were playing?

Will Wright created an instant household masterpiece based on his franchise, SimWhatever. He's simmed earth, mars, cities, islands, people, ants, farms, cars, and helicopters. All of the games are amazing within themselves, but with simming the people, I'd expect more. How many of those expansion packs do you own? How many of them still left out some vital things you wanted to see in the series? For me, Maxis has left out too much in the game, including some things that are just wishful thinking. Without further delay, I give you a mighty list of things that should be in The Sims 3.

Gunplay Gameplay: One of the most frustrating factors of the series is that I'm not allowed to roam around with a gun. I guess it's the violent nature in me, or it's because I like to have my Sims find jobs (straight out of the newspaper, I remind you) with criminal intentions. I'm guess that my Sim robbed people for a living, not that I'd know since I couldn't ever follow my guy to work, but he's really unprepared for the job. Just putting on a silly thief outfit doesn't make me a thief. I mean, does he hold people up with his mask? No, he needs a gun or a knife to do the job. I've also wanted a gun when I see a crook in my house, taking the plasma screen I just bought. Screw security systems! I want to be able to make that thief pay. Along with owning a gun, it would give for some new nifty gameplay elements. For instance, psychotic video game addict killer that's just played one too many games of DOOM. In the Sims 3, it's already been revealed that the areas are no longer hamster caged. It's a free roaming game now. I'd like to be able to have my guy go completely nutso postal in the local shopping mall. After the police arrest/taze/complete erase my face from my head with bullets, I'd like the next time I play my Sim's family or friends, for them to have conversations about the lunatic Sim for a bit before forgetting. Or let's say you are a sick individual that likes keeping your Sim in solitude, hungry, poor, and always tired. It would be pretty sweet to have my Sim load his gun and take his own pathetic life. Don't act like I'm disturbed. We've all put our Sim in a pool and deleted the ladder. This would just be a darker more realistic view on a Sims behavior.

Work, Work: A lot of people have probably wanted to follow their Sim to work, doing pointless busy work until his shift ends. The game is hardly fun while you guys off making his Simolians. There's absolutely nothing to do at the house aside from fast forward or keep your secondary Sims busy. I think the Sims 3 should add a completely new feature on going to work. Instead of just doing a generic workout skill to rank higher at work, I want to be able to follow my Sim to his office and decide how to advance or how to lose my job. Just losing your job would be my idea of fun. Having your Sim start out as a grunt worker, trying to move up but having your Sim always get passed by for promotions. Instead of working harder like most people would, I'd like the option to throw coffee in my bosses eye. Maybe I have my Sim stealing office supplies until he's finally caught. Or maybe my Sim is telling a dirty joke in the break room and someone is offended. There's so many possibilities and fun to be had with getting fired. We could even work in that gunplay gameplay into trying to get fired. I guess you could also actually work hard in the game and move up in the company, but that's not near as fun as paying the jerk boss a visit with a cup of boiling hot coffee. Black, no sugar.

Religious Consequences: A big part of real life is religion but it completely disregarded in the world of the Sims. My idea is to basically have a good/evil system. If your Sim lived a good life, your Sim will be rewarded with the gift of heaven. If your Sim was a scumbag, your Sim will burn in a burned abyss. Why would it matter? Well, you could have your alive Sims have a sort of meditation experience, giving them a chance to watch your dead Sim (whoever you picked to view) in the afterlife. You wouldn't be able to control your dead Sim, just watch as his walks down the golden streets or has a pitchfork jabbed in his butt while cooking. It would be a nice little addition to just keep up with how many good/bad Sims you've had.

Multiplayer (Not like The Sims Online): I've been waiting for a good Sims mod to enable some type of multiplayer. It wouldn't be too impossible since someone has already released a GTA: San Andreas multiplayer mod for the PC. I was reading that The Sims 3 isn't going to have this feature because EA says fans of the series don't want it, in case someone destroys the neighborhoods. Well, EA, why can't you just work some multiplayer out like Animal Crossing: Wild Worlds did? Have a friends list and only they can come to your neighborhood. Simple as that. But with the multiplayer, I'd want to to have them be able to help me do my job, or sleep with my wife while I'm at work, ruining my guys life. Maybe we could have a Sims deathmatch right there in the mall, or go on a crime spree. Or maybe you're just wanting to hang out with your friend and spend some quality time together using your Sim avatar. Again, it's up to you.

Randomness Is Part of Real Life: The Sims has some randomness to it already, but it's stupid stuff. My phone has never rang at 3am for a psychic to tell me I've won $300. The kind of randomness I want is stuff that can happen in real life, and is happening in real life. Isn't this suppose to be a life simulator? I want my Sim to be called during diner and told that he has 6 months to live because of a tumor or cancer. Maybe my Sim has had a lot of WooHoo and is infected with HIV (another sick and twisted portion of the game could be this). Maybe my Sim is playing the lottery and wins the jackpot, something that should be given a 1 out of 1,000,000,000 chance of happening in the game. Oh no, the economy is bad, my guy just lost his job and can't make his car payment! You get the point. I just feel there should be the devastation and exciting thrills that happen in life, not all the time, but sometimes.

In the Army Now: This goes along with going to work with your Sims, but since the army is a current option in the series already, I'd like to be able to treat it like real life. Instead of just going to an 8 hour shift of battle, I want my Sim to be able to go through boot camp, hang out his term, or (here comes that randomness again) a war breaks out and my guy has to go off and fight. The more I thought of this option, the more I thought I'd like the game to break away from that Sim for a while. Give him a few real life weeks out of the game, randomly writing letters to his friends and family in the game. I actually wouldn't want to go see my Sim during war just because it would give it a real feeling of sadness if a week later, you're playing as an alternative Sim and you see a car drive up in front of the house, giving you the news that he's been KIA. That's just sad thinking about it. But who knows? Maybe your Sim comes back a hero. At that point, your Sim will have the option to move out of his house and permanently live on a military base (never going back to war since he's advanced up enough). From there, the neighborhood disappears for that Sim and it's now an army base, where you do everything the same, but now have more work orders to follow through.

That's all I feel like writing. For those who read this, thank you so very much. I know the matters displayed are somewhat dark, but sometimes, real life is dark. I guess I'm going to have to wait for Postal 3 to get some sort of psychotic killer benefits since the game is going to be played out like a Sims ripoff at times. That's always a good thing.

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