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It's Official: Mario Kart Wii is not out today.

After reading a review from IGN about how amazing the new Mario-on-wheels is, I decided to jump in my kart, roll over to a local Walmart and amidst all the white trash eating out of garbage cans I searched for the game I wasted gas looking for. Not shocking for some, Mario Kart Wii doesn't come out today. It comes out on the 27th of April. I didn't know that. I apparently missed the whole "4/27" thing.

The old man that works the counter didn't know that, so I tried to trick him and tell him it's out today. Being a Walmart employee means you're automatically lazy, so of course, he didn't snoop around the back to pull one out and sell it before street date. Working retail before, I remembered getting games a month before release (for me, Crimson Skies for Xbox one month and one week early). I figure they have some in the back, so I challenge you to go to your local Walmart and ask them to check the back. Maybe one of you will get lucky.

-dryvby, phailing at conserving gas.
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