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Nyko Perfect Shot: BUY IT!


If you're a fan of all the recent arcade shooting game ports for the Wii, then chances are you're looking for a better way to play them right? Sure the Zapper gets the job done but it doesn't really bring the arcade feel to your home. Plus, it's uncomfortable as hell. Well, a few months ago Nyko released their own gun attachment for the Wii and I'm glad to say it's blows the Zapper away. Not only is it more comfortable than the Zapper, it's also more like an arcade light gun. And this may not be true for everyone, but I actually managed to beat all of my high scores by a rather large margin in Link's Crossbow Training. The only problem is that the Perfect Shot seems rather hard to find. Since it's release my store has only seen two of them. One of which I snatched up. Good news is that if you can find it, it's only $15 which is a nice price for something that adds a lot to the game. If you're looking to hunt one down you can jump on Gamestop's Perfect Shot page and type in your zip code to search for one.
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