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3d returns! (the glasses kind)

Recently, having loved the original Trackmania Nations, I downloaded the new and amazingly improved Trackmania Nations Forever. When I started up the game for the first time, I went through my regular routine of configuring my graphics settings when I came across this:


This is probably the most awesome idea ever, and is perfects for a game like trackmania due to the high speeds and crazy shenanigans (shennanigans?). Then I realized something, I don't have any 3d glasses. Having a need to quench my thirst for trackmania in full 3d, I did some research and found that I can get a pair online for about 50 cents American (unless anyone wants to send me some for free?). But the real fruit of my research was coming across this:

Theres a Hannah Montana 3d movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I definetly need these glasses.

Also, I've decided to include a picture of Hannah in all my future posts, enjoy!
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