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Microsoft mockery

According to CVG Microsoft have been talking smack about the PS3 version of GTAIV with their sights aimed at the 5 minute install time. The 45 minute Devil May Cry install time caused a fuss which I thought was unnecessary but nevertheless a valid reason to point and laugh. It looks like Microsoft have picked up on this and attempted to instigate the same response for GTA, the problem this time around is that firstly, it's five minutes and secondly most of the points Microsoft are bringing up aren't exactly true. For those too lazy to click the link (people like me) here's the post;

"MS has fired out on an email taking a cheap shot at the reported five minute install time on the PlayStation 3 version of GTA IV.

"With the OXM review hitting streets today, and your own preview impressions which are looking great, hopefully you'll all be a bit wiser as to the ins and outs of GTA IV now.

I'm sure you've all seen the chatter from the 1up GTA IV Preview on the PS3 install time....just a few thoughts on what you could do in this time if you were actually playing the 360 version from the moment you insert the disc....

Steal your first dozen or so cars and test out the improved vehicle handling?
Check out the cool features on your mobile phone?
Rack up a 5 Star Wanted Rating?
Have a blast of your first MP game on Xbox LIVE?
Ditch the tracksuit chic and buy some new clothes?
Unlock your first GTA IV Achievement and boost your Gamerscore?

....Or just start downloading a film from Xbox LIVE Video Store to watch later - check out the latest batch of arrivals this weekend!"

Arrogance has somehow erased any memory of the plethora of ridiculous issues that the 360 has and is currently facing, the failure rate of the console, regular Live downtime (expect issues with live when GTA comes out), Marketplace filled mostly with sub-par games, games requiring hard drives with console SKU's that don't actually include a hard drive or a memory unit with the adequate storage capacity
I'm not a fan of corporate slander but it feels especially dirty when it's video game companies doing it, i think it's because the industry is full of fanboys who make it their personal business to slag each other off at any given chance, so when the leading companies in the industry resort to juvenile name calling and nitpicking it's hard to expect anything else from enthusiasts generally.
I'll be buying GTA for the 360, not because I prefer the system but because many of my friends and family have 360s, ideally I'd like to get it for the PS3 because I'm not currently living in fear of it unlike the 360 which I am afraid might explode every time turn it on. Microsoft should probably jump off it's high horse and take a look around at it's own laughable situation before attempting to make the opposition look bad.
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