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Gamefly Gadfly #2: Mega Man: Powered Up (PSP) & Harvey Birdman (PSP)

On my second week of Gamefly I tried out two PSP titles. One was a lot of fun and the other was tedious but funny.

Mega Man: Powered Up (PSP)

Few people have played the original Mega Man for the NES. It is arguably one of the harder games in the series, features 6 bosses instead of the usual 8, and actually keeps track of points for killing bosses and enemies. Capcom decided to soup up the Blue Bomber's first adventure with Mega Man: Powered Up for the PSP by adding a dollop of kawaii, some extra bosses (one of which is racist), and a Mega-ton of mini missions.

One of the two new bosses, Oil Man, looks like Square's version of the slave Jim from their Japanese Tom Sawyer game for the NES- big eyes, big lips, and not a tinge of irony. If you kill the bosses using the regular blaster, you can play through the stages as the bosses, which is novel, though a bit of a gimmick- there is a lot of extra collectible items to pick up if that is your mega of robot chips. Remixed stages are easier than the original, but those who want to play the original set have the option to do so. Super-cute graphics and an enhanced plot, along with a mission editor and short challenge levels, make this worth picking up for retro Mega Man fans.

I give Mega Man: Powered Up an A- for its short length compared to other Mega Man games, but the variety of modes offset this somewhat.

Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law

Even though I consider myself a hardcore gamer, there are still loads of games I haven't played but should have. Top among this list is Capcom's celebrated Phoenix Wright-Ace Attorney franchise. Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law has gameplay which is apparently very similar, though with a presumed more absurdist bent. It keeps the humor of the show, but the puzzles are so illogical, it makes one want to scream, not unlike Michael Jackson.

You play the titular lawyer who has to solve 5 cases, each one more silly than the last-one case has you defending the suspect who broke into your own office! Cut-scenes are as crisp as in the show, but there is so much animation and voice-acting that one wonders why Adult Swim didn't just make a DVD with 5 new direct to DVD episodes of the show instead? Aside from the first case, you can investigate crime scenes, grill potential suspects, and cross-examine witnesses. As a casual fan of the show, I enjoyed the humor in the game, but wish it had more gameplay. This is worth a rental for fans of the show, but not much of a game.

I give Harvey Birdman a B- for being a short, humorous diversion-kind of like my ex-wife.
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