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I has made a game (sort of)


I have spent about 8 hours spread through yesterday and today recoding an old lua game of mine so it does not run like ass. I am finally as far as I wanted to be by today and am therefore going to release it as is. Unlike the last time, this will actually run on the PSP at a decent framerate (I got 60+ when I tested it). It is very crap and to be honest, looks like crap too but please bear in mind I am a programmer, not an artist and that this is not nearly the final version.
I have yet to implement shooting and enemies. The groundwork for these will be done over the next four hours or so and they will be completed sometime next week (hopefully). Until then, Enjoy the Bunny Top Down Shooter (Again, programmer, not artists or good name of things).

Download Link

If you find any bug that are not listed in the readme, please tell me about them.
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