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We all love Destro, right?

Exactly. We all do. So when a friend showed me this...I wasn't sure what to think. If you all have seen this before and I am just being a slowpoke, then I apologize...but I felt the need to post this video here to see what everyone else thinks. Some of the scenes in this trailer were shot in the news station I work in.

From what I understand, the dude who made it is taking all the Cobra villians and setting them in a different world with no GI Joe and no cobra and seeing how things panned out...I think. Anyway, reminds me a little of Caligula.

I always knew Destro was a pimp.

And if you enjoyed that, check this out...its a scene form the movie that disturbed the livving shit out fo me to the point that I can't really think fo Zartan the same way anymore.

Side note, I bought AVP-R last night so I am planning on watching tonight...After posting my last blog, I really wanted to see if they could pull off the predaliens well.


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