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[Super Smash Bros. Brawl] How does I shot already translated english? (Or, I'm in your blogs, being Jim Sterling)

So, uh, I read something on the SmashBoards in regards to the PAL release (or the lack of) of Smash Bros. Brawl.
Course, SmashBoards is the den of those who seek the destruction of all that is fun in the name of "Technique" but whatever.

"I have nothing new to say about the releasedate: However, I have some information about the reasons why it will come so late to Europe.

The game will be made in two versions for the European market (he didn't say anything about the Australian market). One with English + two languages and one with English + two other languages. The reason to that is because the game didn't fit on one Dual Layer-disc (8,5 Gb) with English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Nintendo then had two different options to choose from. They could worsen the quality of the movie-clips (The intro and SSE-clips), or keep the quality of the movies and make different versions. Nintendo chose the latter option, which you understand have meant an enourmous job.

It will take a tremendous long time to convert this game into a European version. And because it will come many months after the American version, there are certainly people who thinks Nintendo are lazy. Of course it's not like that, Nintendo works as fast as they can to release the game as fast as possible. Another reason is that all the Pokémon in the game will be translated (their sounds that is) to German and French, and The Pokémon Company is extremely careful with this process. It's more than you think that's involved in a qualitative localisationprocess.

And how will this favour us swedes? (lol, we don't care how it will favour us, as long as we can buy the game as fast as possible) It won't favour us at all. Unfortunately, we have to pay so that Germany, France, Italy and Spain will be happy. If Nintendo didnt translate the game to the many different European languages, the game would sell a lot worse than it normally should. Of course, this causes a lot of Scandinavians (And other Europeans too) to import the game, as it's not worth to wait for the localisation.

However, we should remember that Nintendo at the same time removes eventual bugs in the game, just as they did with Super Smash Bros. Melee. Nintendo will also fix the terrible lag that the Japanese and Americans had when playing online."
(http://smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=163221 quoting http://forum.nintendo.se/viewtopic.p...86936#p1186936)

Intresting stuff if it's true, also proves that there should be a PAL English only standard to prevent this sort of nonsence for those who speak english. Cause I'm sure Austriala doesn't mind being bumf'ed for this. For real.
Also, Nintendo, just say a f**king release date already.

Edit: Gee, thanks DToid, for proving that goits exist everywhere..
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