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"It's Tetsuya Mizuguchi" - email from Q?

For those of you who didn't register with the thatgamecalledrez.com during the "Free game giveaway" back when the site went live, here's some excerpts from the mailer recently sent out to Rez fans.

Hello from Tokyo!

First, I'd like thank you for taking the time to sign up at the Rez HD website, which we launched back in January. It took us a little while, but we are excited to bring you our first ever newsletter and hope that you will enjoy your time with us.

As many of you know, Rez holds an extra special meaning for me...so special that I knew I would go back to work on the "complete Rez" at some point in the future. It was a thought that never left my mind. Well, on January 30, that became a reality when Rez HD was released for the Xbox LIVE Arcade...have you already had a chance to play what I consider the "complete Rez"? (I hope so!)

Back in 2001, when working on the original Rez, I was confident but yet worried. "Why?" you may ask...the truth is that since both games and music have no borderlines, by combining those two into an interactive form, I had a certain level of expectation from gamers around the world. But at the same time, I feared that this concept may not be fully understood by both gamers and music lovers. The one thing I did know though was that games were ever-changing and I was determined to create a game that was an indication of a future game. I wanted to make a game that was unheard of - something completely different. The result was Rez, a project that was made like a road film through traveling around the world and meeting people along the way.

Fast forward 7 years and a new Rez is born! Now in hi-def, wide-screen format, you will see no jaggies and I guarantee you will get sucked right into the game. I'm just amazed and impressed at how much of a difference the resolution makes; it makes it that much more exciting to play!  Plus, by digitally distributing this game (= being environmentally friendly), I feel as if we are in some ways conforming to its theme of "restoring the beauty of the world..."

In addition to the visuals, the sound component - what I consider the root of this game - has been enhanced significantly thanks to the surround sound technology. You should be able to feel, not just hear, the sounds as they are made...the role that it plays in this game is extremely important. For those of you who are set up with 5.1 surround, I hope you were able to feel the sounds, in detail, approaching in three-dimension - you should also be able to get the same experience through 5.1 surround headphones.

I've seen some people post their Rez HD impressions on the forums, but I look forward to hearing more about your own experience. Please feel free to leave your comments and share your experience with other Rez fans!

With Rez HD, I feel a huge sense of accomplishment. I am also very fortunate to have been able to recreate something that takes us beyond the experience of the original Rez and present Rez in the quality and form that is very close to what I had envisioned back then. I will take what I have learned from this experience and apply whatever I can to my other projects...in fact, I'm SO ready to move onto my next project! What am I waiting for!?

I look forward to the day when I can share that new experience with all of you...!

Until next time,

Tetsuya Mizuguchi

There was a lot more to the newsletter, but in order to keep up with DMCA policy and such, I will only quote that. I'm lead to believe if you follow this link you may be able to read the rest of the newsletter.

Rez Email?

It works for me but it might not work for you.

There was also mention of "Quiz the Miz", where you can post questions to the man himself on the official forums and he may answer them in the next news letter! Sign up at http://thatgamecalledrez.com/ today to receive further newsletters and also check out the official forums and post your questions to the genius behind the multimedia experience Rez!
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