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Extremely late to the party (my setup). Also, Dare to Be Digital (making games)

Well, here is my setup (Click on the image to view the hi-res version)

This is where the xbox is.

This is the half my games

and this is the other half (they are two discs per sleeve)

This is the monitor area.

This is the stack of books for those interested

As you might be able to tell from these pics, I am bit of a sci-fi and Halo nut. But not in a bad way in that I don't jam it down your throat and can agree that there are in fact things wrong with both of my passions.

Also, over summer I shall be part of a contest called Dare to Be Digital. It is a competition between universities where they put together five man teams (three programmers, two artists) and make a game. To aid us we get 1700, our own studio space and we have help from industry people for the whole ten weeks. I have no idea what game we are going to make but it should be fun.

If you at uni somewhere in the UK and have not heard about this, then ask your tutors about it and get them to join the competition. Up for grabs is a BAFTA and some other cool stuff.
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