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My replacement Rock Band machine is also 'broken'

As some of you may know, I got an Xbox 360 Elite to replace my broken Rock Band machine. This was not too long ago, either. I want to say it was Friday, April 4 that it arrived.

That evening, I popped in a copy of Universe at War, and midway through the game's tutorial, the system locked up. Hey, shit happens, so I rebooted and played through the tutorial and one campaign mission. This morning, my son complains to me that Rock Band is taking forever to load; what he meant was "Dad, this shit is frozen up." But he's only ten, so he doesn't say that. He then tells me that the game has locked up on him a few times, but because he's ten, I don't believe him and continue do the dishes or whatever exciting thing it was that I was doing at the time.

But when it came my turn to play Rock Band, it did indeed lock up halfway through a song. And then I watched it lock up on a loading screen while my son tried to play Burnout Paradise. I checked the disc and noticed that it had a number of scratches on it -- my son doesn't really know how to take care of MY games (much less his), so I figured maybe that was the issue. Well, this evening, Condemned 2 locked up after about ten minutes worth of playing.

Conclusion: There is something wrong with me new hotness. Already. Honestly, if it weren't for a) all of the money I've dumped into Rock Band DLC and b) the fact that I needed it to do my job, I'd probably be at the point where I'd say fuck it and resign myself to playing everything on the PS3. Which wouldn't be that bad, would it? My wife and I just finished Uncharted this afternoon, in fact.

So I guess I'll be calling Microsoft Customer Service tomorrow to report not one, but TWO broken Xbox 360s. I can't wait to fuck through an obnoxious menu tree only to have to speak with someone who doesn't listen to what I'm actually saying and is only trained to read from a script.

"So ... your name is, uh Nick? Can I call you Nick?"
"Yes, sure, that's fine."
"OK, so I am going to call you Nick, OK, Nick?"

I once called after I had swapped out my first 360 through retail, and I asked them why I couldn't play certain XBLA games unless I was online (this was before I realized their DRM was a clusterfuck). After explaining to them the issue (this is about XBLA games, remember), they person on the other end of the line asked me if I had downloaded the games on my original Xbox or the Xbox 360. I just hung up.

This is going to be great.
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