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My first blog.....about Predaliens.

hello everyone. This is my first blog post on dtoid. My friend Mxyzptlk told me to start an account and blog here so I am going to try it out. Here it goes.


I argue with my brother a lot. Not really ever about important things, but things like If Borg assimilated a Jedi, could that jedi borg use force powers....or could the collective use the newly gained knowledge of the force to make certain borgs who have high enough midiclorian levels use the force? Could a Borg eventually learn to adapt to a lightsaber? Who would win in a fight against Godzilla and Cthulhu (I'm going with Godzilla because Lovecraft's descriptions of Cthulhu were written way back when and he could be exaggerating...like when he said that Cthulhu could blink humanity out of existance in the blink of an eye...does that litterally mean "POOF, bye bye humans!" Or does it mean he wouldn't have that hard of a time doing it because he is a big moutnain sized god monster? And How big is mountain sized? Not the size of Mt Everest i think, because Cthulhu picked up that dude and ate him in that one story about the fishermen.......which would make an awesome movie.....The fishermen from deadliest catch go out for crabs and then get Cthulhu'd.....but anyway, mountain sized could mean Godzilla sized, and therefore means he could fight Godzilla...and I'm pretty sure Cthulhu has either Eye Lasers or a Breath Weapon...)

Anyway, today's arguement was about AVP2. I have not seen the movie but it does not matter for what we are arguing. Predaliens....in the movie, predaliens have the Predator Hair tentacle thingies on their heads.

We know that in previous comics and video games they did not have head tentacle hair thingies....but in this movie they do. I personally think they look cool....My brother does not. FWen the facehugger jumps on a creature and lays the egg in their chest, the embryo is fertalized and grows and pops out. It'll pop out looking slightly similar to it's host creautre because of DNA or something, right?

So would a Predalien have head tentacle hair thingies? Yes, I say. It inherited the mouth claw lips and general size of a Predator. SO why not its headgear? Like...a bull alien would grow horns....and a Rhino Alien would have a rhino horn....the alien inherits the traits of its host, so I feel the hair tentacle head thingies would be present.

My brother disagrees completly...but says that the only reason they gave it to them was so that in the movie it'd be easier to distinguish between the two different aliens. I dont know...haven't seen it yet....but that was our discussion..

now for the real question...

what would an Octopus alien look like?
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