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Gamefly Gadfly: Mass Effect (360) & Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates (DS)

In an effort to save money and enjoy more video gaming on a variety of systems, I have decided to try out Gamefly. Here are my brief impressions of two titles I've tried recently.

Mass Effect (360)

- Having detailed character creation in this title makes a lot more sense than in Oblivion since Mass Effect is in 3rd person (as are the cut-scenes).

- I didn't find the inventory system that confusing, but was lukewarm on the battle system. If they were going for gun-heavy gameplay, it might have been a better move to make the gameplay an FPS to make the experience smoother.

- Graphics are quite nice, even though there is a lot of slowdown.

- The opening text crawl is really dorky and boils down to this: "In the future, the Earth has discovered a new means of rapid interstellar transportation: MASS EFFECT!" It's the equivalent of calling Star Trek "TRANSPORTER BEAMS!"

- Although I only played the intro mission, I will definitely check this game out once it gets to the $30 level or so.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates (DS)

- There is a lot of voice acting in the intro of the game. Kinda sad that it is 2008 and that is still a big deal for games on a portable Nintendo system, but there you go.

- Gameplay is like Diablo for 5 year olds. While the intro dungeon seems to be fairly large, you are just whacking enemies to get to the next tutorial moogle.

- The graphics work for the little-kid feel of the game, but is nowhere near as pretty as the GC Crystal Chronicles title.

- I couldn't make it through more than an hour of this game. Maybe the multiplayer is good- too bad it only works locally.
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