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Gaming�s Guilty Pleasures: Friendly Fire


Oh shit you did not just bounce that grenade off the door fra�BOOM!

Now it�s not the event that friendly fire kills you that is the pleasure, it�s the REVENGE! After that tell tale grenade blasts you to beJesus and back it�s always nice to get a little retribution via a little headshot or back of the head melee, and that friends is the guilty pleasure.

Nobody likes getting owned by something that is a total rookie mistake like splash damage or mistaken identity but it sure feels nice to throw out all gaming etiquette for a brief moment soaked in bloodlust to dispatch your deserving friend who will hopefully understand... Of course this works a whole lot better when playing with a friend who resides in the same room, or in a game where the score doesn�t matter (ie non ranked) because being an asshole for a second is fun but being �that guy� is not cool. Being that guy who always kills you back is pretty shitty and a very serious issue and will most likely seal the deal that you never get invited to a game again.

But being in your own home or playing with good company instead of random matches is prime breeding grounds for the betrayal and the inevitable Charlie Horse that their leg is so getting before you even respawn!

So let�s have it. Who here is going to be guilty of the sweet taste of revenge?
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