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Rainbow Six Vegas 2: More ads keep me from wanting to stay a gamer.


I didn't expect too much from the new Vegas. The first one was played more than Gears of War when it came out, but I still hated the ridiculous "To be continued" ending. It sums up developers as lazy to me. Very lazy. In fact, what I actually did was paid $120 for Rainbow Six Vegas: The Completed Game. So, with that many bones thrown down for a game that I enjoy a lot, what do I get with the 2nd half of the game? MLG ads everywhere. I'm not quite done with the game and only because I'm working too much right now. But the past few levels I've went through on Story have been overwhelmingly hard to play through with the amount of ads in the game. The last level I played (**SPOILERS** the one where Michael has to disarm the bomb on the train) had over 30 ads placed for MLG. You're walking through a mall setting at one point and we (my accomplice has been gaming with me) noticed half the stores were named MLG. Then, around the stores and all over the place are little MLG ads in various places. It made me feel robbed a little bit. I really wanted to jump online, head over to a random modification store, order me a chip, and then download my way to free game freedom. Hey, if I'm going to pay for a game, I don't want to be interrupted by massive loads of ads.

And please, get off that stupid notion of "games are more expensive to make" and "the developers need the money" crap. I don't care about them at all and I care about my wallet more than theirs. When I have to spend $60 a game now, I expect NO ads in games, but sadly, that's not the case. I've been gaming since the mid-80s, since my dad first built me a fort and handed me a grey light gun and had me blasting ducks. I've seen the evolution of a great thing turn into a greedy thing. It's really disheartening. I mean, sure, some ads in games make the game more realistic. Such as a sports game advertising Gatoraide. That makes a lot of sense to me. But MLG for a store name in a game? Axe ads all over the place? How would you feel if Oblivion would of had health potions brought to you by Coca-Cola? Or in Halo 3, Master Chief drives a Dodge truck? Or in Gears of War, your saws are brought to you by Sears? It doesn't make any sense to WANT ads in your games because the way it's handled is horrible. For that reason alone, I back up piracy because if it keeps getting out of hand, I'm going to keep my money and just steal the games that have ads in them. There's no need for me to pay for ads. If those ads are what's paying the bills, then you don't need my $60 anymore.

-dryvby, going back to finish Vegas for the first and second time.
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