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FNF - TF2/Brawl - Machinema & Auxiliary Server

More epic movies coming, this is mostly video of us screwing around, video courtesy of FailMedic

Brawl - IRC Instructions:

To connect to IRC:

1) Go to Dynasty Net's java chat
2) Type in your nickname
3) dtoid-brawl as the channel
4) Click Chat

Simple and easy to use, if you want to use voice chat, I suggest steam or skype.

If you are having lag problems, check the Wii section of this guide.

Team Fortress 2

If you have not been coming out, you have no idea what you have been missing, machinema, rock paper scissors, pick-ups, and general shenanigans.

First plug � Eschatos made another steam group due to the other one being dead and locked. Its open to the public and we�ll be using it to post announcements for things like FNF, TFT, Machinema filming, and co-op nights among other things. Many of these are also being organized on the forums ScottyG was kind enough to set up, which leads me to�

Another plug for the forums! They are quite active and if you play TF2 on the server you should probably go make an account and post there, you can view them here.

Not sure how much I�ll be around tonight, going out for happy hour(s), depends highly on the level of drunk and the time we leave the bar.

Starship has been taken off rotation, you can still vote for it however. Still have not gotten around to doing spring cleaning on the map list, this will happen eventually.

I�ve also been seeing the server get very full very fast, while this is great, we can only have 24 people participating at any one time, so below I�ve listed an IP for an overflow server that a friend of mine runs. If the server is full, do the following�

1) Join the overflow server

2) Open the server browser menu, double click on the destructoid server and click �auto-retry� and then click �join as soon as a slot is available�

3) Hit Esc to close the menus, this will allow you to continue to play TF2 with other dtoiders while you wait for a slot in the main server to open.

--Usual Copy Pasta--

UPDATED - Map pack can be downloaded here

Again, if you would like to get placed on the reserved slot list for dtoid readers, please POST YOUR STEAMID HERE. Your reserved slot is a privilege, not a right, and asshattery will get it revoked.

Time: 8pm Central
Server: Destructoid.com - TF2 - Pew Pew Pew
Password: alsococks

Spill-Over Server:
Server: [SMS] Eye of the Storm #1 [HL Stats X]
Password: N/A

In case you missed any of these:

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The Class Guide is now complete, check it out if you suck at TF2

General Tips and Tricks
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