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Ikaruga: Overrated? (An audio-blog)

I'm pretty much walking out the door, but I wanted to post this today; so bear with me.

Things to know:

- This is an audio-blog because it's way quicker than trying to type everything, and time is a factor for me right now.
- It's in em-pee-three format.
- I mention 13thDragon and Banj, but this isn't directly addressed to them. It's to anyone who is wondering why people like Ikaruga, or even games like it.
- I have no idea how to do an outro.
- I pretty much just sat down and winged this. There's extremely little editing done on it too, so it's a little rough.
- It's 5 minutes long, but you can browse the intertubes while listening. How convenient!
- I'm not trying to take pot-shots at people who don't like the game. Diff'rent strokes.
- I just saw EDS's c-blog about Ikaruga. He touches on some of the same points that I do. Sorry, if I had seen it first I would have added more, but I don't have time to re-record.

Download my blog HERE.

Random quote... EXECUTE!

“Being a famous print journalist is like being the best-dressed woman on radio.”

~Robin Williams (Who may or may not be my father)
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