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The Playback Machine: Prison Break (and someone dies...)

Ok, if you recall, I ended last time by saying there was a lot of Old City left to explore. This, it turns out, was a total lie. There was actually very little of Old City left to explore; simply a few more hallways, with nothing of note down any of them. Clearly, the Map was our big prize here, and with it safely in hand, we make our way back to the surface.

Looking around the city a little more, it seems we've done pretty much all we can here for the moment, except for one little detail. Remember that fellow down the ally pleading for us to help him out of prison? Well, we're a little tougher now, and busting into the local jail to face off with some Savant Guards seems like a perfect idea.

Here it is, in all its glory:

For those who don't feel like watching, a bullet point summary:

-We win.
-Hitogoroshi, unfortunately, takes one too many spears to the face and passes into the great beyond.
-Fortunately, we have an Amulet of Life (our prize from Ra-Sep-Ra-Tep), so Hito comes back to us better than ever (but -1 Vitality)
-We get a nice load of EXP.
-The door code came from the barracks we raided earlier, for those who were paying attention.
-I demonstrate the reason we save immediately after battle by being ignobly killed by the bugs the Savant guys were keeping in the prison. Of course they were keeping bugs in prison. WHERE ELSE WOULD YOU KEEP THEM?

After that little boo-boo, we reload moments earlier, and this time try a different door. Door #2 gives us the result we were looking for...

Alliances broken, war about the break out, and secret letters of passage; now we're getting juicy!

With that last task complete, we follow Boerigard's directions and head East out of the city and into the wilderness beyond... stay tuned!
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