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Stay Puft: Ghostbusters party at Bourbon and Branch


The gaming companies are hitting up the streets left and right in San Francisco this week. With M16 bringing in the first flux of the gaming types, Tuesday kicked off my first gaming event with a sit-in preview of Fallout 3. Amidst the preview I had the pleasure of partaking in some The Wire humor with the very personable N'Gai Croal. I thought it was pretty great.

Last night Sierra Entertainment threw an elaborate Ghostbusters party at the highly esteemed speakeasy Bourbon and Branch. Instead of the bar's typical candlelit atmosphere, the interior was splashed with red light in the main room and green light in the secret library room. With a buffet of ingredients for smores to the right and delectably mixed drinks to the left (Such as the Stay Puft drink with vannilla vodka, chocolate liquor, and marshmallow cream with a graham cracker rim), CTZ, Dyson and I got a wee bit sauced. It was, very fun.

Duty eventually called and I fled the scene, sobered up with a quesadila, and wrote that Fallout 3 preview until 5 in the morning. This leaves me in a present state of delirium having only gotten 4 hours of sleep, but all will be well later when I grab a forty and head to Dolores Park for a sleepy outside viewing of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. In the meantime, enjoy the pictchas!

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