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Death to Diablo!

So I have been playing Diablo 2 like I said and its much more fun since I rerolled a Sorceress. That is by far my favorite class, Some people say its just a easy mode class, but its fun, running and gunning in a sense. But whatever its fun and thats all that matters, since I gots no WoW anymore.

I am on the third act with some friends that come over and we lan it. So it makes it even more fun. Just something to do since non of us really play WoW, I mean their accounts are active but they only log on like once a week or something. So I hope in the next day to PWN Diablo's face. Only thing I must say that sucks about frost though is on Hell mode everything is immune to it. So it is like they knew frost was hax and then they would just dick you in the end if you wanted to play ICE in Hell mode. GG Blizzard.

But it is not like it is hard to make another char like in WoW. So I will just make a hardcore Lighting mage then lol. Lighting is so gay, gems that are like 1-40 damage, what is that crap?
Anyways I will post epic pics to bring back memories when I PWN Diablo and Baal!
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