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My Gaming Setup. Also Baltimore NARP


Let me show you my setup. This is also a bit of an advertisement for the Baltimore Narp. Click the link for details. A quick update on that. A few people have talked about flying in for the weekend. BWI is a Southwest hub so it should be pretty cheap. I have no problem shuttling people to and from the airport and since I work from home I am really flexible with the times. If you are doing this do it soon since the closer we get to the date the more the price will go up.

Anyway on to my shit.

52 inch 1080P Samsung LCD for gaming and movie watching. The second TV is a 26 inch Samsung LCD for TV watching while I game. ADD FTW

Systems! On the Left there is a Saturn and a Modded Xbox. The Xbox is used for all my NES, SNES, Genesis and Turbo gaming. I have the systems in storage I just don't have room for it all to be out. Probably going to replace the Xbox with a media PC so I can use the real controllers. Top of the TV stand is a Neo Geo and PS3. Next level down is my Wii, Elite 360 with the useless HDDVD brick and my HD DVR. Bottom row is Dreamcast which you can't see, Modded PS2 and my 7.1 reciever.

This is my cantilever wall mount....

Which rotates! 52 inch TV rotated vertically!

Which allows you to play Ikaruga the right way. Vert with a stick.

Mai Cabs :)

4-player cab on the left. Control panel is currently off since I am adding buttons. I bought AvP and The Avengers but the fucker is being a douche about shipping them. Hopefully they are here in time for the NARP. If not I have Sunset Riders, X-men and Blitz (If I can get it working). Four and six slot Neo Geo cabs. Neo Geo is the love of my life.

My Japanese cabs. On the left is actually a Neo Geo cab currently I have a Hyper Neo Geo 64 in it (SNK's failed 3D arcade hardware from the late 90s). In the Hyper Neo Geo 64 cab I have Mr. Driller 2. You might thing that I'd have the HNG64 in the HNG64 cab but that is a long story. My new baby is the Namco cab which has an easily rotatable monitor. I've got Donpachi in there atm. Eventually I'm going to make this a mame machine. Probably won't be in time for the NARP.

Games! Top shelf is DC and PSX. The collection is really lacking as I sold off almost all of my games in 2003 before a big move. Next shelf down is Neo Geo Pocket color, GBA, DS PSP and some PC games. Below that are my PS3 games, Eye of judgement set up and Bru-Rays. Then you have Neo Geo carts for the cabs in custom cases and Hyper 64 games. Second from the bottom are the Neo arcade carts that I don't have cases for. On the bottom are some random boxes. Right bookshelf is for DVDs.

MORE GAMES! Neo Geo home carts on top. 360, Wii, Xbox and Gamecube games on the next shelf. PS2 games below that and then PC and Saturn games on the bottom.

That is all. Come to the NARP!
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