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Like video games? Like movies? Hate video game movies? I can help!

Not sure if anyone has posted on this or not, but I figure everyone should spread the word.

Recently, http://www.fearnet.com had an interview with Uwe Boll, in which he made a statement about a petition online located here. In said article, Uwe Boll talks about how the petition which asks for him to stop making films does not concern him, as it only has a paltry 18,000 signatures. He states that if it reaches 1,000,000 signatures, then he will be convinced that he should step down from playing director.

As of this moment, it has surpassed 125,000 signatures. Whether or not he'll stay true to his word, I think this is worth a moment of your time if you feel like I feel about such wonderful movies like House Of The Dead, Alone In The Dark (where my scathing hatred officially resides...the bowels of that wretched movie), Bloodrayne, and even the wonderful In The Name Of The King.

My apologies if word of this has already gotten around to you guys, but I figured it was worth throwing up.


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