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A goings-on at Gamestop.

So, just to set the record straight...I do not have an XBOX 360, nor am I familiar with the vast majority of games and the online service of Live. So if any of this is wrong, please feel free to correct me.

A few days ago, I went into Gamestop in our local mall to pick up a memory card for my Wii (Gamecube slots, specfically). I know one of the employees there and apparently there was a new girl working with him on this particular day. In front of me is a couple that are looking at a 360 game, which appears to be COD4, but I could be wrong. Here's where the conversation begins and why this just screamed as something I needed to post.

Male worker: Yeah, this is a game that you'll really like a lot. It gets a lot of playtime at my house. In fact, my wife plays it way more than I do. She's even prestiged four times.

Female worker: What's that mean?

Male worker: It means she basically maxed out all the multiplayer stuff and got to start over.

Female worker: Wow, that's pretty neat.

Male worker: Yeah, she's awesome at that game. Whenever I see her playing online, she's always beating everybody. In fact, whenever they hear her voice online and realize she's a girl, they kick her out of their games.

Female worker: That's terrible, are you serious?

Male worker: Yeah, I've seen it happen a bunch of times.

Female worker: That's unbelievable. In fact...isn't that illegal? That's illegal, isn't it? Isn't it?


I should point out that he just proceeded to ignore her. I'm not sure about prestiging and whatnot, but when she tried to say that kicking someone from a game is illegal, I just kinda had a mental facepalm. So much for paving a good way for girls in gaming with what she was bringing to the table.


Has anyone else had an awkwardly retarded moment at a Gamestop that went anything like this? Or is this even unnatural at this point?
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