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Culdcept Saga knows you're bi-curious @ Amazon today [UPDATE]


Nothing to see here folks, it's all sold out!

I'm sure there's a bunch of you that are a tad bit interested in experiencing Culdcept Saga. It's like that time in high school when you went to that cabin in the woods with your same sex friends. The mood was light, there was some booze, some truth or dare. The next thing you know, the room is a little fuzzy and your friend is looking mighty spicy, so you figure, "why not?" Achievement Unlocked.

No, you never had that happen to you? Oh. Me neither. I've never played Culdcept Saga either so I was just guessing. However, both CronosBlade and Savant have written about their love for Culdcept Saga and its "Monopoly meets Magic: The Gathering" gameplay. Now, I'm not saying the two of them have experienced the situation from the first paragraph, but if you need answers to appease your "curiosity" on spending $25.99 + free shipping, they should be able to guide you. Have fun!
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